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Cool Things to Do in Your Kuala Lumpur Vacation

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Whether you booked a trip to Malaysia or you’re just going to stay here for a couple of hours for your next connecting flight, Kuala Lumpur is definitely something that you’d want to explore regardless.

There are a lot of amazing tourist attractions that you can find in the Metro, including hanging out with some beautiful KL Girl Escorts in Malaysia, interacting with birds at the bird park, reminiscing about the good life by taking a long walk in the forest reserve, and just about anything that you can think of; there is probably one that fits what you want to do in life.

Today, I am going to go over the cool things you can do in Kuala Lumpur.

Dine at Marini’s

Malaysia is known for its highly-diverse food culture. Although its main influences are from China and India, there are actually European food influences evident in some restaurants in the city.

For example, you can have some fine Italian cuisine at Marini’s. This place is so popular that you cannot go here without any reservation. That being said, you have to book a reservation, days before since this place is highly sought after.

Go Up Top the Towers

Being two of the tallest structures in Kuala Lumpur, the Petronas Twin Towers are definitely hard to miss. Not only is it known for its amazing architecture, but this is one of the most iconic places to visit when you are in the country.

The entirety of the towers is worthy of your different social accounts and whether you take pictures above or below the towers, you will always be treated to something nice.

If you want to get a great glimpse of the entire metro, you can either go to the top floors of the tower or you can hang out on the Sky Bridge located on the 41st and 42nd floors.

Get Some Wares in Petaling Street

Considered a shopper’s dream when it comes to inexpensive items, Petaling Street in Chinatown is definitely something that you’d want to visit.

You can find just about anything you can think of. Some of the items you can buy here include shoes, knock-off items, handbags, handicrafts, souvenirs, and even some food.

I’ve heard that there are some stalls that serve the best Hokkien Mee, which is a noodle soup cooked with meat, prawns, and dark sauce, in the place.

Experience Bollywood in Brickfields

The Indian culture is one of the major influences of Malaysians, which is why there is an entire place dedicated to Indians.

Located in the Brickfields, Little India, as it is known by the locals, serves you everything Indian. From amazing exotic spices, Indian wares, and many more, you can expect to find them here while also listening to some Bollywood music while you’re at it.

Relax at Fraser’s Hill

Located in the state of Selangor, Fraser’s Hill provides any traveler with a calm and serene environment. Because of the vastness of this natural reserve, you can either walk, jog, or even do some biking along the trails.