How to Choose a Men’s Dress Watch: Top 5 Tips

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1. Settle for a conservative design.

Choosing among the best men’s watches in Malaysia can be overwhelming. There are plenty of classic designs to select from. To make sure that your piece will last for many years, it’s crucial to pick a simple style that doesn’t utilize any of the current fast fashion trends. Don’t buy a
flashy dress watch. Just settle for sophisticated yet simple styles.

2. Pick a reputable brand.

The best decision is to buy from a reputable watch brand. Timepieces made by big brands are built to last, and they won’t date quickly.

3. Pick a classic-sized case.

There are tons of case size choices available at present. Look for a dress watch with a classic
style. Usually, these are the ones that last longer, and easily fit under the cuff of dress shirts.
Moreover, aim for timepieces which are less than 15mm thick, and less than 37mm to 42mm in

4. Make sure to color coordinate.

Here are some rules that can help you decide on the color of your watch.
a. If you are wearing a blue suit, consider a watch with a blue face.
b. If you want to use a brown watch strap, wear it with a brown belt and brown shoes.
c. A silver or black watch strap would work well with black shoes, and a black belt.

Selecting the best dress watch for you is easy, when you have the right tools and knowledge.