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How to Take Care of Your Automatic Watch

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Congratulations on your new automatic watch purchase! That watch is more than just a
timekeeping machine, so make sure to take care of it well. Prioritize watch maintenance at all
times. Below are some of the most important watch care tips that you should remember.

Winding the watch

The basic architecture of mechanical watches has remained the same throughout three centuries.
It is truly an efficient, ingenious machine. Unlike quartz watches, a mechanical timepieces don’t
get energy from batteries. The power of the complications, dial and other features come from the
unwinding of the flat spring.

How to hand-wind your mechanical watch?

  • Wind your timepiece every single day, before strapping it on. If it is automatic, there is nothing left to do but strap it on.
  • Don’t wind the timepiece while it is on you wrist. Take it off first in order to minimize the stress and pressure on the winding stem.
  • Never overwind your watch. When you feel some resistance, stop. If not, you will break the spring.

Setting the date and time

Don’t set the date if the time is between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. The date-changing mechanism inside
the watch begins to engage around this time. it officially engages after 2 a.m. If you set the date
during this specific period, you can break the teeth of the delicate mechanism. Repairing this
would be very expensive!

To set the time, rotate the time forward, instead of running it backwards. That way, you can help
prevent damages to its date mechanism.

The enemies of a mechanical watch

Buying a mechanical watch in Malaysia can be overwhelming. Thus, once you get hold of that
valuable timepiece of yours, you should know how to take care of it well. Remember the three
mortal enemies of mechanical timepieces–magnetism, shock and moisture. Neve keep the watch
near magnetic fields like sound amplifiers. This will lessen your watch’s overall accuracy.

How to take care of your watch well?

Just like cars, mechanical timepieces require regular oil changes and cleanings. This is important
for it to run effectively. Most professionals recommend between 2 to 7 years of regular watch
maintenance. Though watch servicing, you can feel confident that your watch will run properly
for years to come.