The Biking Supplies

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Foods And Drinks

Now, we move onto foods and drinks. You may think that your bike doesn’t require fuel to work. Wrong! Because you’re the fuel for your bike to keep moving, if you burn out, meaning you have to stop cycling until you regain all of your energy again. So you’d be needing something to quicken the recharge, no?

You may think that you have spent wisely on ‘specially formulated and premium’ drink and energy bars to supply yourself with enough energy. Hold on to that thought, because you can whipped out your own specials from your very own kitchen. Just rummage through for something nutritious and portable. But this doesn’t mean you have to carry a whole red cargo of your kitchen stuffs, just carry the amount you think you’ll be needing.

Stay Hydrated

Pack up some fluid with you, whether it’s a bottle of water or hydration backpack, whenever you’re going out. Don’t worry about refills there should places for you to refill along the way.

The Bonk

Avoid the nightmarish ‘bonk’ a state dreaded by many cyclists and runners. It is a state where the body runs of energy or fuel to burn causing the body come to a halt. Our body able carry 90 minutes worth of glycogen for fast paced action before it need a refill. It will switch to burning fat once the glycogen is out. Thing is with fat burning, you can’t utilized it at the same level as glycogen. What you need to do is; consume around 100-250 calories every 30 minutes to keep your body fueled. Munch on a slice of cake, energy bar or gel, or anything with that amount of calories (i often pack in a bunch of Snickers to munch on).

The Cramps

Cramps,the arch enemies of athletes and most people. Your legs will start to cramp when you’re cycling longer than usual. This because your body is not used to the distance you’re cycling on. Though this can be avoided if by replacing the electrolytes you lost through sweating, by drinking specially formulated drink (which is quite fetchy) or you can made one (it’s a fruit juice, just need throw some fruits, sugar, and water). This little tips should with the cramps.

Restful Rest

After a long ride with your bike, you deserve a peaceful and restful evening. Your body will recover itself after you’ve gotten enough rest. Make yourself a recovery drink, a protein drink and combined with a plentiful rest. By consuming 15 – 20g within 30 minutes. You either buy premix drinks or make them on your own (it’s very simple really, no fancy stuffs). Throw in milk, a banana, a tablespoon of peanut butter and some honey, then blend them.