Tips to Throw a Birthday Party While on a Budget

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When it comes to our children birthday parties event, parents are the ones who are most excited about celebrating the event but they are also the ones who would be so stressed out to plan the event. Some of them might be thinking of doing a birthday party but the other problems come for example the decorations,  they are low on budget, what food should they serve, who are the guests and so much more. Here is the list of what parents should do to cut off the cost of hosting children’s birthday party.

  1. Pick a good date. It is understandable that some of our children’s birthdays fall on the weekdays which can be tiring for parents to host a birthday party as some of them are working parents. So, plan a birthday party during the weekends.
  2. Budget your money. If you are on a budget, do not think of hiring a party planner because we all know how much that can cost. Parents need to be creative and do everything on their own. A cake is the main highlight of the birthday party so buy a cheap cake or bake it if you have the skill. Another essential thing is the decorations. Try to make a few research on shops that sell nice and cheap decorations or if you want to splurge on more expensive decorations, you can always recycle it and use it next year.
  3. Budget-friendly party food. Moms are always good at cooking awesome food. They need to know what to feed the guests and prepare the easiest and just enough food. Children usually will play around and not finish their food, so prepare finger food such as nuggets, sandwiches, or sausage for them. For the adults, it is recommended to serve them fried kway teow and fried noodle or if you are feeling extra, cook some macaroni & cheese or spaghetti.
  4. Location. Unless if you are sponsored, your own house is always the right location if you planning to do a budget birthday party. Do not think of hosting the party at a hotel or a restaurant because always remember that you are on a budget. Make your house look nice and look for some easy DIY decorations ideas as you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on decorations.