Top 10 Betting Games

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Casino Poker

This is a game where both skill and knowledge become the determining factor in deciding who’s the winner. Players are not competing against the house but each other. House edge is not available except for the small amount casino serve out of each pot. Studying and learning to play it will give you a big advantage when you’re going against players that don’t have as much knowledge as you. But its a different story with live casino poker like ntc33 , where you’ll pitting off against other online players. 

Blackjack Card Counting

Learn card counting, it’ll give you the edge in casino. It is a hard skill to be mastered and will take a lot of practice to master it. It is not an illegal skill, but you hide it, else you would be bar from playing. In New Jersey, you won’t be bar from the game, but instead you’ll be forced to flat your bet or reshuffle.

Video Poker

This one of those game where you can gain a small house edge if you play it out correctly. If you play it out well with great mathematical strategy, some video poker game will give players 100% payback. Most of the machines have less than half percent. The pay table will determined the house edge and the payback can be determined by player if they can read the machine schedule.

Blackjack Strategy

By playing blackjack strategy the house edge will be lowered to less than 1%. Game rules and number of decks will determined the house edge. Using this information player can determined the house edge. The basing your decision on to hit split or stand on set rules are based math of the game, this the basic strategy.

Craps Don’t Pass/Don’t Come

This game has a slightly better odds than passline bet. 1.14 is the percentage for the house edge. By laying down double odds, this can be reduced to 0.59%. The shooter, however, will be most likely where most players bet.

Craps Passline/Come

This one has a low house edge, 1.41%. It can lower to less one percent, .61 if the odd the bet you take is doubled.

Pai Gow Banker

In Pai Gow game, one player can choose to act the Banker.  You have to pay 5 percent commission to house when you bank the game. You earn the bet of any player you beat. This game requires skilled setting of the hands but a player with in-depth knowledge will gain the upper hands.

Baccarat Banker

This game has smaller house edge for the Banker than the players’ bet. You will need to pay a commision when you win the game. The Banker’s bet has the house edge of 1.06%.

Baccarat Player

Only 1.24% of house edge for baccarat player bet. A Baccarat Player will want to avoid the tie bet because it is the worst bet that can ever be made.

Craps Place 6 And 8

The best bet to place on the table in game of craps is placing 6 and 8 on the table during game. The percentage for the house edge is only 1.52%. Other than the number 7, 6 and 8 are the most frequent number rolled.