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Trending Web Design Concepts in 2020

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The problem of web design companies with the trends in design is that they come and go, and it can be difficult to know which trend to follow. A wrong decision will cause a great many problems. Just imagine you’ve put a lot of time and effort into incorporating a particular style into your brand guidelines, only to find out that this style is now outdated.

Info Visualization

Virtual entities are human beings. It’s better for many people to understand the details when it’s presented visually, rather than in writing. Visualization of data is increasingly becoming a critical tool for creating visually engaging content. The stories will captivate the viewers like the one you see below, and make them want to hear more about your company.

Video Headers

Web designers have had to use static imagery for a long time to convey their principal idea. Yet things have changed. High-speed connections make it much easier for web designers to make immersive film-style experiences into their home pages. That’s why we’ve seen more and more blogs use short video clips on their home pages in 2019.

Audio makes the experience more immersive and more vibrant. It engages users, and is more inclined to spend time watching clips. Video clips used in a hero segment are capable of ranging from a few seconds of looped video to full-length sample clips.


3D models have long been used in gaming and movies. With the rise in computer processing power we have 3D models appearing on both desktop and mobile versions of standard websites. You are adding realism to the interactions by introducing 3D objects and pseudo-3D objects into web experience.

Scroll Generated Sites

New technology’s strength will help us create a lot more than just web experience— it allows us to create seamless virtual travel for our tourists. Scroll-generated websites monitor progress of the user as they scroll through the page and view context-relevant information. Using the influence of motion and animation effects, scroll-generated websites grab user interest and inject dynamism into user experiences. Such results bring to existing content an additional layer of meaning and make it more enjoyable for consumers.

Dark UI

There’s one important thing designers should remember when working on abstract graphics, however. Ensuring that your viewers will understand what you’re trying to say is important. So abstract drawings will have little business value, and will be more like a work of art than a technical item that serves a specific business purpose.


The “one-size-fits-all” philosophy doesn’t work for consumers in 2019. Brands are looking for ways to fine-tune the user experience as closely as possible, and a customized app has quickly shifted from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have.” SoundCloud is a music service that takes into account the user preferences and recommends the music they want. The apps do this depending on the music you’re performing, and they watch you.