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5 Things Men Should Try to Last Longer in Bed

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A lot of parents nowadays have mastered the art of the quickie since most of them have their kids and having long, marathon sex sessions is nearly an impossible feat. But, how about times where you and your partner are alone? Long and slow is the name of the

Men and women treat sex differently. For a man, whenever they ejaculate, it is the end game and it requires them some time to recover (known as the refractory period). A man can use penis supplements to help him last longer, among other things.

For a woman, reaching orgasm would require a lot more. Foreplay, clitoral stimulation, and finding the G spot and pounding it really good with a man’s penis can certainly help her reach climax.

I want to focus more on men since, on average, they do not last long in bed. If you are part of this demographic, you may want to read the entire article to find out some things you should try to last longer.

Use a Cock Ring

Women have the luxury of using a lot of different sex toys that will help them achieve orgasms on their own, but men do not have that much freedom at all. There is one sex toy that can help you last longer in bed, though, and that is the cock ring.

The cock ring is a special device that is attached to your penis to help restrict blood flow out of the penis to help you maintain an erection and also help keep your ejaculatory responses at bay.

Cock rings can also be worn on the balls if you are not using it and it can certainly add another depth of fun as women can also feel it inside of them too.

Practice This Pregame Ritual

Men have this refractory period just shortly after they cum. This is the time where their penis is unable to experience the same intensity of stimulation as they’ve experienced just before ejaculating.

This is the best time for men to penetrate their partner’s vagina as this reduced sensation can certainly buy them some more time during sex.

To achieve this, you have to masturbate an hour or two before sex.

Try Changing Positions

Use the power of proprioception to help you get yourself distracted, buying you some more time to help your partner reach orgasm.

You do this by changing sex positions- ones that you are not familiar with or those that you and your partner haven’t done before.

Going to some unfamiliar territory will allow your mind to focus on something else rather than the sensation that you feel.

Slow the Tempo

Good sex is actually a marathon and not a sprint. That being said, being more mindful about your thrusting and controlling your tempo can really help you last longer in bed.

Initiate ‘the Squeeze’

Just right before you are about to cum, stop what you are doing and squeeze the portion just below the shaft. Applying considerable pressure to this area will help restrict blood flow, allowing you to get back into the game without ejaculating.