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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Wood Watch

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In your quest to find the best casual watches to wear, you find that there are now some wooden watches that you can find that will last for the years to come.

However, before you purchase a wood watch, it is important for you to take into consideration some things first. Read on to find out.

Has the Watch Company Operated for at Least 15 Years?

The watch company that has created the wood watch that you are about to buy should be in the business for at least 15 years. That is so that you can be fairly confident that they are going to be around for many years to come.

You see, even if you take care of your watch, it will need some servicing from time to time in order to maintain its tip-top shape.

If the company that you bought it from doesn’t exist anymore, how will you be able to repair your watch by then?

Has the Watch Company Sold Over 50 Different Watch Varieties?

Although there are wood watchmakers that also create other watches as well, you want to settle with a company that actually offers at least 50 different varieties of the said watches. Why do you want this?

Well, if the company provides you with a lot of different wood watch options, you will have confidence that they know what they are doing. Remember, wood watches are not cheap so you want to put your money into a company that you can trust.

Do They Offer Good Warranties?

A carefully maintained watch should last for a very long time even if it is made out of wood. If anything, wood watches are even more durable than your standard ones that are made with plastic and cheap materials.

A watch company that offers a long warranty tells you that they have enough confidence in the watches they make that they will not hesitate to have it serviced for quite a long time.

Does It Have Instruction Manuals Written in English?

I cannot tell you how many wood watches I can find on the market that are actually Chinese knock-offs. The problem with online retailers is that they rarely provide you with the information that you need and the only reason why people are buying these things is that the product page looks legitimate.

Find out if the instruction manuals and other documentation are written in English.
Although that is not a strong determinant that it is actually made by a reputable company, at least it tells you that it does have some semblance of quality, if anything.

Does the Company Have Their Own Website?

We now live in a world where every business entity out there owns a website. Find out if a particular wood watch company actually has its own website as it tells you that they can be trusted.

Of course, you will also want to do your own research if they are indeed a watch company that you can trust.