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6 Biggest Challenges Faced by Mobile App Developers

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What is your focus when you want to develop an app? Well, instead of thinking about what you shouldn’t do, your mind should be fixated on the things that can make your application better.

App developers, unbeknownst to many, actually face plenty of challenges in the creation of an app and in today’s article, you will find out some of the biggest ones.

Creating an App that Will Get Traction

With so many applications already existing in the app stores, it is important for developers to create something that will actually get popular.

Research would have to be done to ensure that you are actually creating something that people will actually love to use.

For your app to gain some traction, you have to think about who your target audience is going to be, what is the main functionality of your app, how many functions do you intend to put in it, how will you market your app, among many others.

Maximizing Screen Real Estate

Developing apps before was quite easy. That is because phones have nearly similar display sizes and you only have to think about your app’s features and performance and nothing else.

However, as phone displays vary greatly in this day and age, app developers are faced with the dilemma of creating something that will actually take advantage of the ever-increasing screen displays.

You have to think about the aspect ratio, how large the screen is, as well as the screen resolution and come up with ways on how to maximize the entire thing.

Getting Some Funding

Before an app development company can create an application, they will have to have enough money to get it started. You could spend anywhere between $3,000 up $300,000 depending on a number of factors, including app complexity, features, and so on.
Well, there are some things that you can do. You could create a AppBackr campaign to help you get some funding. You can also entice angel investors if you really have a pretty good app concept.

Making Use of the Phone’s Different Features

It is safe to assume that most phones come with different sensors now. To help make your application stand out, you should take advantage of these features so that people will actually want to use your app.

For instance, most phones have fingerprint sensors now that you can use to improve your app’s security. Or perhaps, you can use the front camera of the device to help improve security as well.

Keeping Things Simple

You want to develop an application that would no longer require a lengthy tutorial to use. Keeping things simple, especially if you have a rather complex app, is something that is hard to do.

Well, in order to somehow alleviate this problem, you may have to use pictures and graphics to help illustrate how to use the application if that is the case.

Optimized Content

When you look at the different surveys out there, people actually want to use applications that have plenty of graphics and other media. Unfortunately, you also have to think about poor data and internet connectivity as well since these elements will not load properly without a good working connection.

The way to do it would be to use only well-optimized content that does not really need a lot of bandwidth to load.