Building a Custom Home: 6 Important Steps for Homeowners

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The custom home building process may be overwhelming for beginners. Building a custom home is not just about calling the top architecture company in Malaysia, and asking for assistance. It also requires some important steps on your end.

1. List down all of your ideas.

A beautiful home starts with simple ideas. Before hiring an architect and interior designer, you must first contemplate on your dream home. Collect pegs and images of your dream house. Start gathering your preferences with regards to interior design and architectural style, from product features and design elements to room functions and lifestyle requirements.

2. Put together a great team.

Choose an architect who can help you manage the bids of potential home builders. Many custom home builders provide reliable design services that can also make your life easier. To gather the best team, you need to gather recommendations from friends and family members.

3. Get references.

Ask potential home builders for the names of lenders, subcontractors, suppliers and clients. Inquire about their opinions. Get information on warranties, construction schedules and sample contracts.

4. Look for a location, and purchase the land.

Of course, you need to buy a land for your future home. In this step, you and your team would assess potential sites with regards to their suitability for building.

5. Craft the design.

It’s not easy to design a custom home. Before reaching the final design, you need to go through extensive discussions with your interior design and architect. There is the need to analyze lots of things, from the budget to floor plan ideas. All of the processes involved may take many months. Sometimes, it can take years.

6. Monitor the construction process.

Aside from all the other decisions that need to be done when putting together a home design, many selections will also be required of you during the construction period.