Event Planning 101: Hosting a Dinner Party

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1. Create an event timeline.

Planning ahead of time can keep your dinner party a lot easier to organize. Why not work with a social event planner in Malaysia? This is the best decision if you are a busy person who is juggling a lot of things. But, what if you can’t afford to hire one? Well, you can start the planning process by making an event timeline. Keep things simple, and take it one step at a time.

2. Make dinner party invites.

Your dinner party invitation will let your attendees know that you are arranging something very special for them. You can go for a simple, classy design. Just mark the difference between a remarkable dinner party and a regular dinner. It must reflect the purpose and aesthetic of your night. This invitation must include the date and time of your event, as well as the location address. If ever there is a theme, let them know.

3. Set your dinner party atmosphere.

What is the atmosphere you are trying to achieve? Contemplate on the details. Do you want your event to have a relaxed and formal vibe? The answers to these questions will depend on your personality, and what you want the attendees to experience. Everything from the music playing during the night to the look of the tables and decorations can impact the entire experience.

4. Make an interesting dinner party menu.

Dinner parties are not just about serving delicious meals. The most crucial part in hosting one is to see to it that every meal will be prepared before any of your attendees will arrive. Only professional, experienced chefs know how to cook for big groups of people each day. Don’t panic, though. You just need an effective game plan!
If you are cooking more than a single dish, you can serve them as separate courses. That way, your dinner will last longer. It will lead to a tall pile of plates, but it’s going to make dinner time more exciting. Just in case you don’t want to wash plates, feel free to switch to palm-leaf plates, or bamboo utensils and tableware.

Other tips?

o Assign your guests simple tasks like chopping vegetables.
o If you are inviting a big group of people, serve everything buffet-style.
o Keep your desserts simple. Why not break a dark chocolate bar to small pieces? This can help you save time, if you don’t have time to bake or make a more elaborate dessert.
o Cook meals you have already prepared before. Again, if you don’t have much time, experimenting with new ones will slow you down.