Preventing The Flu

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Preventing the flu

Children younger than the age of 2 are more at risk of having complications when having the flu. Some babies may get severely ill, to the point of needing to stay at the hospital, if the contract influenza. This is because, unlike older children and adults, their immune systems have not fully developed. Flu may also lead to ear infections due to their small Eustachian tube, which allows bacteria to move from the throat to the middle ear.

How to know if your baby has the flu:

Symptoms of the flu would include;

  • Frequent coughing
  • Temperature  over 100.3 degrees (F)
  • Recurrent vomiting and diarrhea
  • Wheezing or difficulty breathing
  • Refuses to ear or eating less
  • Lack of enthusiasm when playing
  • Fussiness

Cold and flus tend to share the same symptoms, so it may be difficult to differentiate between them.  Flu’s are known to appear suddenly and cause vomiting and diarrhea. Flus are also felt throughout the entire body, for instance, a person with the flu would feel weak or may have aching muscles.

After identifying whether your child has the flu, the next step would be calling or visiting your doctor. Clinics such as Mont Kiara baby clinic, Hibari clinic, which provides recommendable treatment and consultation for parents and their child. Your pediatrician would confirm whether your child really has the flu

After examining your baby, your pediatrician would proceed to assign the necessary medication. This would most likely be anti-viral medication and should be taken as soon as possible, to avoid any severe complications.

Other steps such as ensuring that the baby gets enough rest and plenty of fluids, would help in making the symptoms milder. If the symptoms continue after a week of taking medication, or if the symptoms return after getting better, it is recommended that you take your baby to a doctor, for further examinations.

Contracting the flu can very much be prevented. One step that you may want to consider would be taking an influenza vaccination. Clinics such as Mont Kiara clinics, provide several vaccinations, including the flu vaccinations. This vaccine provides antibodies to fight off influenza viruses. Studies conducted have proven that the vaccine is safe and efficient in children.

It should be noted that babies under six months of age cannot get the flu shot. However, the flu can be prevented through breastfeeding, as breast milk provides antibodies to fight off influenza viruses. In addition, it would be best if you keep your hands clean and keep your baby away from people with illnesses.