Slot Machine Myths

Slot Machine Myths and Misconceptions

Slot Machine Myths and Misconceptions
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The slot machine is a product of technological advancement. It is the fairy princess of the gambling and gaming world. However, no matter how popular slots machines are such as the 918kiss download, many people still don’t understand its inner workings. Let us take a look at the popular myths surrounding it, and the truths behind them.

Myth Number 1:

If a person hit the jackpot on the machine that you used, you would have won yourself if you kept on playing.

Slot Machine Myths and MisconceptionsMany people believe this, but it is patently false. Slot machines have computer chips inside them that runs RNG, or random number generator.

It continuously cycles through numbers, even if the slot machine is not being used.

RNG corresponds to the stops on the slot’s wheel which display the losing or winning symbols.

Once you pull the handle, or spin the button, RNG chooses the combination at a microsecond.

Myth Number 2:

It is possible to tell the winning odds by counting all the symbols on every wheel.

In truth, you can’t. RNG can generate the numbers on every spin. Even though you can only view just a few symbols, there can be thousands of virtual stops. Slot machines can generate thousands of combinations, and this is the reason why they can’t provide big paybacks.

Myth Number 3:

It is possible for casinos to tighten or loosen the slot machines with a single switch flip.

For the casino to change payback, they should change the chips. In several jurisdictions, some paperwork needs to be accomplished and submitted. It can be very expensive and time consuming.  Because of this, it’s more economical to contemplate on the payback percentages before buying the machines.

Myth Number 4:

A slot machine that hasn’t been paying out is due to a hit.

No one can determine if a slot machine is due to a hit. Every spin is a random event—it. has no bearing on what transpired before.

Myth Number 5:

The coins’ temperature played will impact the manner a slot machine pays.

The slot machine is, unfortunately, not impacted by temperature. Whether you play old, cold or new coins, it wouldn’t matter. Coin slots are mere mechanical devices, and has zero feeling.

Slot Machine Myths and MisconceptionsMyth Number 6: If you happen to lose your slot club card, the slot machine will pay back less.

This is the most damaging slot machine myth ever. No link exists between the RNG and card reader. However, by utilizing the card, you’re denying yourself some valuable comps and cash backs.