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Web Design 101: Starting a Career in Website Design

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Are you thinking of entering the website design industry? Well, now is the perfect time to make the big leap. This field can provide you tons of rewarding and challenging opportunities. At this day and age, almost every business is leveraging on the power of the digital landscape.

From large corporations and family-run businesses to non-profit organizations and government agencies, it is certain that brands are taking advantage of the digital landscape to gain popularity. So, who will they hire to build and maintain their websites? Web designers and developers, of course.

The Term “Website Designer”

The job title “website designer” can be regarded as a catch-all phrase. Actually, there are tons of different jobs which fall under the big “website designer” umbrella. Under it are the actual visual web design, web page development, web application writing and other specialized website services. They can also cover social media and web accessibility jobs.

Web Design Educational Requirements

Many website designers in the industry didn’t have formal education in website design. Many years ago, there isn’t a lot of courses related to website design. Now, things have changed. There are plenty of website design courses to select from, many of which are conducted by renowned, experienced industry professionals.

From Graphic Designer to Website Designer

Are you a graphic designer who wants to explore the website design field? If you are coming from the graphic design side, you may want to take related course first in order to gain some experience. Surely, your visual design skills will serve you well. However, you still need to gain enough understanding as to how to apply those visual design skills to websites.

Writing for Websites

There are plenty of web-related jobs for writers. Do you want to enter the website design industry as a writer? Then, you should know firs the main difference between offline and online writing, as well as digital content strategy. It will help you understand the fundamentals of search engine findability.

If you have excellent writing skills, becoming a website content writer is a good way to get into this field. Also, you will be more in demand if you know how to create website pages using CSS and HTML.

Website Design Pay

As per salary.com, website designers today earn an average of $72,000. Website developers are more likely to earn more than designers. However, the exact salary will depend on the work location.